Clone Wars – Kat Von D, Divine Palette

When I saw the Kat Von D Divine palette I wanted it. The lime green screamed ‘BUY ME!’ but being a member of MakeUpRehab on Reddit I heard another voice saying ‘DUPE ME!’. I knew I’d probably have most if not all of those shades or close enough to in my collection, so I had a look. I worked off the official swatches because that’s what sold the palette to me and other swatches weren’t available at the time.

Please note I have cropped out the other skin tones because this is the one closest to mine and I was looking to match these.

Let’s go left to right and start with Babs


Babs is a golden nude. Starting on the left is Future from the Mermaids Forever Palette by MakeUp Revolution. It’s the best match with a golden undertone. Next to that is Champagne by MakeUp Academy but it has much less shimmer than I expected. The third one in is Bloom from the Flawless 4 Palette by MakeUp Revolution, slightly less golden on my skin. Last is Glintz from Kat Von D’s Metal Matte palette, again a little too pink on me.


Hard Times is a matte black. First, we have Blend from the Flawless 4 palette from MakeUp Revolution, next door is the black from the Light & Shade palette from MakeUp Revolution. Jet is next from the Kat Von D Metal Matte palette and finally the best black ever! Bulletproof from Sugarpill.


Baltimore is a shimmer blue. First up is Royal Sugar by Sugarpill, this is applied dry. Next door is Nebula from Kat Von D’s Metal Matte palette. Mermaids vs Unicorns takes the next spot. It’s an unnamed navy but it’s a lovely shimmer shade. Last is Chaos from the Urban Decay Electric Palette.


Waters is a water blue. Gonzo from the Electric Palette by Urban Decay is a good matte dupe, even with a bit of glitter in the formula. Wild is next and a good dupe for both from the Colour Chaos Palette by MakeUp Revolution. The girl next door is Filter from the Venus 2 palette from Lime Crime, which might be a little light. Finally is the blue from Rimmel’s Magnif’eyes colour edition palette.


Fithly is a metallic black. First is the black from the Freedom MakeUp Halloween quad, while next is Soot & Stars from Sugarpill. Next to that is Onyx from MakeUp Academy and lastly is Whale from the Mermaids Forever Palette from MakeUp Revolution.


Pink Flamingo is a shimmer green which I knew I had lots of. Here’s 4 of them. First is Freedom MakeUp in Brights 224 followed by Freak from the Urban Decay Electric Palette. Sugarpill makes another appearance with Mint Soda and lastly Do it now from the Colour Chaos Platte from MakeUp Revolution.


Female Trouble is a matte white. One of the easiest to dupe, the first I found was Linen from the Metal Matte Kat Von D palette. The second is Tako from Sugarpill, the best matte white on the market in my opinion. The next one had an unexpected shimmer, it’s the white from the Rimmel Magnif’Eyes Colour edition palette. Lastly is the matte white called Tipx from the Colour Chaos Palette from MakeUp Revolution.


Lastly is the silver, HairSpray. Starting on the left we have Revolt from the Electric Palette from Urban Decay, followed by Tiara from Sugarpill, next is Cloud Maker from the Sugarpill Little Twin Stars Palette and lastly is Imagine from the Mermaids Forever Palette from MakeUp Revolution.

The palette has since been released and a few reviews have listed colour shifts that aren’t apparent in the official swatches. That means some of these are not perfect. The sky blue (Waters) was one of the hardest to dupe as blue is not an in shade and hasn’t been for a while. Stargazer has a matte blue which might be a good alternative. Babs looks like your usual generic cream shimmer in the pan but it is actually more gold when swatched and I didn’t have as many of those as I thought.

I’m also aware that some of the palettes I’ve chosen have been discontinued, the Colour Chaos palette is unavailable but the Eat Sleep MakeUp Repeat is a good alternative featuring most of these shades as well. I did not worry too much about that as you might have dupes and it’s really a demonstration of how you can find most of these in your collection if you have a little look.

Even with that, I hope this was a little bit useful if you were wanting to get this palette. Are there any others you’d like me to dupe?

If you’d like it, it’s available in limited quantities on right now for £32.

*Please note I did not come up with the name Clone Wars, if you know who did let me know in the comment section below!