Hoochie Lip Tar Review & Swatch

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Hoochie costs from £11.50 from Love Make Up. It can also be found in Selfridges. It contains 10ml of product.

Hoochie is deep magenta purple liquid lipstick (occ calls it an extreme magenta). As it’s a liquid lipstick the application of this is not straight from the tube. It comes with a small lip brush and you have to use that to apply it.

You need a tiny tiny amount to get good coverage. Take far less out of the tube than you think you’re going to need. This stuff is really really pigmented.
Apply from the middle of your lips and work up and outwards. If you do use too much blot with a bit of tissue. You also might find that it feathers without a lip liner. That can mean one of two things. You’ve applied too much or simply you’re like me (getting fine lines) and need to use a lip liner. If you use a clear one like Urban Decay’s Ozone, there is no need to colour match.
It also contains peppermint so it feels really fresh when you apply it to your lips. It’s also vegan, which is great.
All the lip tars can be mixed so you can make your own custom shades.

I’ve read a lot of reviews that rave about the longevity of the lip tars. While they last better than my normal lipsticks, they do not have the extended wear I’ve heard about. These will outlast drinks but not a meal.

Do I recommend these? Oh yes I do. They’re a fabulous product. Vegan and come in a great range of colours. You’ll love them. I promise.