Illamasqua Haul (and a broken blusher)

So I made an order in the Illamasqua sale. Just a four items, ordered on a Sunday night. It included a cream foundation, two nail varnishes and one blush. I don’t own any blush but the description for Sophie got me all excited. It was also the most expensive piece in the order.

I waited and it finally got dispatched on the Wednesday. It arrived on the Friday. I opened the parcel all excited and found this….


I knew straight away the blusher was broken. I was hoping it wasn’t too much.


Little by little my hopes started to die.


Oh dear…


Not a chance of recovering this. Not at all.

I’ve checked the other products but they’re all fine. Nothing wrong with them, other than a little covered in blusher. So I emailed them through the website, less than half an hour after the delivery. The box on the site doesn’t allow me to include pictures and so far I’ve had no response. I’ll keep you update on this one.

All I want is a replacement.

EDIT: So it took about a month for this to get sorted. Illamasqua wanted me to send it back and they needed a receipt for the postage. After working out how the hell to do that, I never got the postage refunded. So I am very unhappy.