Clone Wars – January Rising Dupe Alert!

I’ve just received my January Rising Lip Tar from OCC.

January Rising was a Limited Edition colour Tar from OCC. It was made to help fund transgender surgery for an employee of OCC called January Hunt. I am pleased to report she received the amount needed for her cause. However if you missed out don’t despair.

When I opened the packed I looked at the colour (it’s a beautiful hot pink) and thought ‘that looks familiar’. A short trip upstairs and I have an exact match in a product which does exactly the same as Lip Tars do.

I’ll put you out of your misery. The product I’m talking about is Sleek Cosmetics Pout Paint in Pinkini. It’s exact. I’ve swatched it on my lips, on paper but there is no difference in colour. Obviously there is a difference in the formulation. Sleek doesn’t use peppermint oil but the products do exactly the same thing. I’ll post proper dupe swatches later but I just wanted to let you know. There is a dupe.