January Wishlist – Jeffree Star & Revolution Beauty

January Wishlist – Jeffree Star & Revolution Beauty

As I’ve said many a time on this blog this year I’m doing things a little differently. This year I am on a RONB, which stands for Replacement Only No Buy. As a result, I’ll only be drolling over new releases rather than buying them. So I’m making a wishlist every month of the items I want to buy. A kind of Anti-Haul list but the only reason I’ve not bought them is really that I’ve banned myself from buying things for the year.

In this instalment, I’ll be looking back at the releases that caught my eye in January. At the end of the year, I’ll go back and access what I think of the items once the glow of ‘ooooo new and shiny’ has passed. If there’s anything I’ve missed from this list let me know in the comments and I might add it to next months.

Jeffree Star

Let’s start with the big one. Jeffree Star’s Blood Sugar Palette.


This little beauty has been around for a while and I’ve wanted it for just as long. It’s never been in stock when I’ve had the cash so this is my target for next year. If I succeed with my RONB I can buy it when it comes back in stock in 2020. It costs £46 from BeautyBay in the UK.

Revolution Beauty

As always Revolution brings the shiny new things. They’re very good at making collectable makeup that actually does its job. This month they made three things that really interest me.


First is the Little Treasures collection. There are 3 palettes in this collection, one in the shape of a heart with heart-shaped pans, one in the shape of a diamond with diamond-shaped pan and one in the shape of a shell with scale-shaped pans. They’re very cute and a good spread of colours. All £8 each from Revolution Beauty.


I Heart Revolution has added new items to the Angel, Dragon, Mermaid and Unicorn ranges. This time there are new palettes all embossed with a pattern relevant to its fantasy creature, they cost £4 each, a new set of eyeliners that cost £3 each, a set of lid toppers that cost £3 each and a new set of liquid highlighters for £6 each.


This product is an eyeshadow base and concealer in one, called Cut Crease Canvas Etch. I’m very interested in how this would work with my oily eyelids. There’s a range of 4 colours designed for all skin depths. While the darkest isn’t all that dark the idea is it’s a lightening base for eyeshadow so doesn’t need to be. It’s £6.


They’ve also released a new range of foundations in a matte finish. I’d really love to try this range. There’s a foundation (£5), powder (£3) and concealer (£3). Since I’m on a RONB, these will get a pass but I’d be interested to see what others think of them first.

One thing that getting a pass is the new shades for the Conceal and Define range. 50 and still nothing for very pale olive people, us celts exist you know! Okay, grumble over.

Tell me what’s on your list for the past month and if there’s anything you’re not going to buy.