Collection Overview April 2019 (Project Progress)

Collection Overview April 2019 (Project Progress)

This month I’ve done a bunch of destashing and trying out of items. So there’s a lovely shift down in cost, while I did make some purchases.

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Collection Overview March 2019 (Project Progress)

Collection Overview March 2019 (Project Progress)

Three purchases this month. One was a badly needed hair dye, two were heavily discounted items from a supplier that I leave reviews for. As a result, my value might have jumped but I did not spend as much as the total says I did. In total it was more £20 than the £128 price listed. I always list my items by replacement value rather than cost.

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Collection overview January 2019 (Project Progress)

Collection overview January 2019 (Project Progress)

So I am going to start posting a little update to my collection every month rather than empties. This year I’m on a RONB (Replacement Only No Buy) and as part of that, I’m tracking my collection. I want to keep an eye on it as things can creep in, as they have done this month. So if you’re interested to see the movement of my items and why they’ve shifted how they have, stay tuned.

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Closing off my Project Pans from 2018

So as you can tell from my favourite thing post, I’m not really doing Project Pans this year. Instead, I’m just using my collection to get the best out of it. I do however need to close down my old project pans and maybe show you what I’m up to this year.

Project Bullseye

My major project last year was Project Bullseye, which was targetting my Colourpop items. This one was fairly successful. I knew I’d not get through all of my Colourpop lipsticks and that turned out to be true.
One of the reasons I targeted Colourpop was the Super Shock formula of the eyeshadows, blusher and highlighters I had. This formula dries out fairly fast and I wanted to use everything up before that happened. Even with daily use on most of these items I still wasn’t able to use them up but I was able to repurpose them in other ways, such as mixing them in my body lotion. Most of the formulas I had were sheer and full of glitter, so that made them easy to use. I made great headway on the lipsticks in my collection from them.
I’m down from 40 items to 11 items. That’s a massive 29 items used up. Those items are 4 highlighters, 2 blushes, 8 eye shadows, 11 liquid lipsticks, 3 lipsticks and one gloss. This one I had intended to continue but target a different brand. So as soon as this year is over I’ll pick a brand and go for it again.

Project One Pan

Next up was my rolling project pan, called Project One Pan. This one was a little different because I was using a palette until I hit pan on a single shade and then switching it out. I used only 3 different palettes last year because it takes a while to hit pan and I think I really needed to learn that. Only one of those palettes remained in my collection and that one took 6 months to hit pan on.

The three palettes I used were the Christmas Palette from Revolutions 2017 Advent Calendar, the Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Palette from Revolution Beauty and the Venus 2 palette from Lime Crime. If you’d like to see how they went I’ve linked the videos for them above.

The current​ state of my Venus 2 palette​ with a small pan in Fly.

Lime-Crime-Venus-2-Fly-PanUnsurprisingly the Venus 2 is the one that took me 6 months of daily use to hit pan on. I’ve hit pan on the shade Fly and I have to say it’s my favourite shade in this palette. It’s the most versatile to go with the others too. I will be very sad when this shade goes as I can’t find a similar shade to replace it with while I use the others.

If anything this is where I want to go with my collection moving forwards. I’m currently doing the PAW project (Palette A Week) but I know I have at least one that like the Venus 2, I need more time to try them out. So as soon as I’m done with my curated collection I shall be going back to this one.

Project Pan

The one Project Pan that has survived the new year is the one you’ll hear me talk about the least. It’s my Marathon Project of using up the Black Palette by Urban Decay. I was going to end this one at the same time as the others but the reason it was chosen in 2018 is the same reason why it’s still going on this year. That’s because it’s a great companion palette. I have quite a few palettes without deeper colours so this helps with all of those.


So this one remains in play and as I previously have said I will update you next when I’ve hit pan on one of the colours. For now though here’s how it’s doing right now vs how it looked at the start. I am well aware there seems to be little change but it’s actually very pigmented and you need so little to deepen an eye look.

That’s the state of my project pans, past and current. Are you doing any project pans? Let me know in the comment section below.

Summer Movie Madness Finale

Summer Movie Madness Finale

I was invited to take part in another project pan collaboration, this time all about Summer Movies.

The basic rules of this project pan are, chose 7-10 products based on the movies below. It’ runs from the start of April to the end of August, which gives us plenty of time to either use up or make a nice dent in the products chosen.

The movies chosen were: 500 Days of Summer, Dirty Dancing, Airplane, The Notebook,  Jaws, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Jurassic Park, Almost Famous, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Blue Crush, The Parent Trap, Magic Mike, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Grease, The Little Mermaid

I ended up choosing only 7 products as I have a few project pans running already. The items I chose were Bossy Lippie Stick from Colourpop (Little Mermaid), Man Eater Metallic Lipstick from Colourpop (Jaws), Prep Fix & Glow fixing Spray from Obsession (Almost Famous), Stick Concealer from Collection Cosmetics (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), Pool Boy Liner from OCC (Blue Crush), Posey Super Shock Shadow from Colourpop (Magic Mike) and MAC Prep and Prime (Grease).

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How to KonMari your clothes even if you’ve put on some weight

How to KonMari your clothes even if you’ve put on some weight

Just like a lot of people I do recommend the Konmari method for decluttering your life. I like it because unlike most other methods it’s about not what you’re getting rid of but rather what you’re keeping (which is something I noticed a lot of people seem to miss). So if you’ve seen the show and got the book but maybe haven’t read it yet or have and are just at a stop I’ve got some advice for you.


Konmari has an order to declutter your life and it starts with clothes. I often wonder if she started here because she has never had a weight issue. I wonder if it’s a cultural thing because I know for a lot of us clothes come with much deeper issues than can be found in later categories.

I see the question about weight gain and Konmari a lot on forums about decluttering. Asking about what to do when clothes no longer spark joy because you’ve put on weight or you’re worried about that maybe the only clothes that’ll spark joy are the ones that don’t fit.

So if you’re hitting that emotional or metal wall before starting or staring at a pile of clothes I want you to stop for a second and just breathe. One of the things Marie does is greet the home if you’ve not done it do it now.

Now if you don’t have the pile and you’ve not finished the book, I’d do that and if you have time pick up Spark Joy, do that too. It is more instructional but does answer some of the questions you have. If you do have the pile, you can, of course, stop and pick up the second book but you might have to sleep elsewhere, which is perfectly fine.

Visualisation is a really important part of this process. There’s a lot of science behind how this is a good thing, it’s like psyching yourself up before a game. So there’s a couple of things you can do in your head first. Thank the entire pile because we’re lucky to be able to afford all of that and to live in the way we do. Then imagine it all back in place after you’ve decluttered. Imagine your drawers, your hanging space, image how easy life is being able to just find things. Imagine running your hands over the folded clothes and finding that top you love really easily. Imagine putting on clothes you like all the time. The feel of the fabric, how good you look and how nice you feel.

If you’re ready to start, go for it. If not, don’t panic, I have more advice.

The next thing to remember is it’s totally okay to get emotional on this journey. Cry, scream, sulk, it’s all okay no matter your age or gender. It’s time to let it all out and as a result, let it go.

The other thing is this is about what you’re keeping which I know I’ve said once but I think it bears repeating. If there is something you really love, keep it. Even if it’s old, broken or doesn’t fit but you find it sparks joy, keep it. There’s no shame in keeping things. This is about keeping the right things for you.

Now if you’re still worried and struggling with the clothes that don’t fit and are not sure what to do, I have three final suggestions. You can keep them and move on. There is no shame at all in coming back to your clothes for another look once you have done everything else. Most people do and by then we’ve all got a better sense of what sparks joy. The next is to make yourself a capsule wardrobe of items that don’t fit. That way when you lose the weight you still have something to wear and it’ll take up less space in the meantime. The last is to just get rid of them now. Just bag them up to go and let them go. Unless there is a serious piece you have an emotional attachment, keep that and get rid of the rest. This is the best option. Do not hold onto things that don’t give you joy, just in case.

So there are a few tips I’ve found on Konmari’ing my clothes after a weight gain. I hope you found this helpful! Let me know any tips you have in the comments below.


Anti Haul 8 – What’s on my not to buy list

Anti Haul 8 – What’s on my not to buy list

Ever felt like there was too much stuff to buy and not enough time or cash to buy and use it all? Me too. Come along with me while I try to talk myself out of these things that I want. Maybe I’ll be able to help you too.

What is an Anti Haul?

You probably know what a haul is. It’s where someone shows you all the things they spent their money on. This is almost exactly the opposite of that. You sit down and think about what you want but you’re not going to buy, then make a video or a post about it.

There are many reasons for an anti haul, some of which are covered in the video itself. However, there are others.

The more you buy, the more waste is created. From the manufacture of the product to the packaging it’s shipped in, to the warehouse or to you. The actual product itself has to be produced too. All of these things have a cost to the environment.

Trends come and go all the time. Last year the silicone sponge was very much in but I rarely see people using it now. Do you need to follow?

Less Pressure
If you stop following trends then suddenly the pressure is off. Keeping up with the ‘Leisure Class’ can be exhausting and expensive. Not to mention it can be a time suck. When you can have a little more time to yourself and relax.

So what are you not going to buy?