Why I am falling out of love with Revolution Beauty (and why I won’t be reviewing the Halloween Range).

A little while ago I decided to only start buying Vegan makeup as well as cutting out dairy from my lifestyle. Revolution was a brand I was happy to see while not full vegan seemed to care about their vegan (and vegan adjacent) customers. My feelings have changed.

Let’s start with the Halloween collection. I love Halloween, always have. Scary movies, ghosts and ghouls and Halloween Makeup. So I was waiting with bated breath for Revolutions Halloween collection. Sadly when it came out it seemed that only the highlighters were vegan and to be honest I wasn’t interested. I wasn’t interested because they’re bad, Revolution has some of the best IMO or that the designs aren’t good but because there are repeats of the skull bottle from last year and I have enough highlighters. More than my face could ever hope to wear. On closer inspection, most of the eyeshadow palettes had animal products in, either Carmine or Beeswax. Even worse some had no ingredients listed, which I am almost certain is not allowed in the UK.
A couple of weeks after it launched a few of the Obsession palettes were suddenly marked as vegan with the ingredients appearing. However, there is another issue even though these are marked as vegan on the Halloween page, they do not show when using the filter.

This is a current trend with the brand.

Now they are cruelty-free and they used to have a good vegan section on the website. That was until they recently updated it. It looks better but it’s not for a few reasons.
First, as with every update they’ve done your order history disappears. This is a minor inconvenience unless you’re waiting on an order or you’re trying to return an item. The biggest issue for me was the removal of the vegan section.

Because the vegan search function is essentially useless.

It doesn’t show some of the vegan items when you use it and it does show other items that aren’t. The Halloween section is a good demonstration of this. Also importantly you cannot trust the Vegan symbol they’re using now.

Check out the I Heart Revolution Dragon Heart palette. It’s marked as Vegan. It’s not. It contains Carmine (Ci 75470). Also, the Haunted House Palette is marked as Vegan but yet it contains Beeswax.

The website is no longer vegan-friendly. I have tried contacting them over this but so far I’ve had no reply.

Another thing I dislike is the endless scrolling function they’ve introduced on the New In page. If you find an item and click on it you can’t get back to where you were on the New In page. You have to reload it. This is extremely minor but it annoyed me especially with the lack of a decent way to find vegan items.

I will still purchase from Revolution but for now, mindless buying has been taken off the board. I should be glad, impulse buying isn’t good for my wallet.

If you’re after vegan cosmetics, just double-check the ingredients with an online checker before you buy from Revolution.


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