Trends for Summer 2018

Winter might still be with us but I know we’re all looking forward to warmer weather (at least in the northern hemisphere). Of course, that means for most of us how we do our makeup will change. So let’s have a look at the upcoming trends for summer.

Dusty Pinks

Just when you thought warm tones were never going to die and the orange based eyeshadow trend was going to live forever along comes a new contender. Dusty pinks. Cool undertone ladies and gents can rejoice as this sits on the cool end of the spectrum. Don’t panic if you’re warm toned, hot pink and orange is still part of the look.
Cover all of your bases with the Venus XL Palette from Lime Crime ($58) or the Rose Gold Palette from MakeUp Revolution (£8).


Rosey Cheeks

If you don’t know what draping is, now’s the time to acquire a new skill. It’s all about contouring your face with blush and toning down the highlight. Over the warmer summer months, you’ll look fresher and more sun-kissed. Go for the subtle glow with this one unless you want to look like you’re fresh out of the 80’s.
Learn more here.
Cool tone works best with the new eyeshadow trend but you can of course warm it up to go with your skin tone. If you’re cool, the new BackTalk Palette from Urban Decay looks like a good option.



Glossy Lips

Where you do want to shine in the summer is your lips. Fully drenched lips with high shine are the look for summer. From your favourite deep red gloss, to a shiny blue or your favourite clear gloss, just make sure your lips can blind traffic. Kissable lips are what you’re looking for.
Cougar Perfect Pout Lip Plumper (£14.99) is perfect for those full and shiny lips, or for a shiny gloss with lasting power try MAC’s Russian Red (£15.50).



Big Lashes

The defined natural lash is back in. Whether it’s volume or length you’re going for lashes so thick you can’t see your eyeshadow is out. You worked hard on that blending, time to let the world see the colours on your eyes.
There’s plenty of new contenders for the title of best mascara. If you’re looking for volume, try NYX’s Worth the Hype (£9) or for length, try Benefit’sBad Gal Bang Mascara (£21.50).


So what do you think will be the trends for Summer 2018? Anything you’re really excited for?


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