Velvet Lip Lacquers go dark

Meet the four new shades of Matte Velvet Lip Lacquers from Makeup Revolution. This range is far from your ordinary lip lacquer colours! They cost £3 each from Makeup Revolution online or your local Superdrug store.

  • Velvet Rebel – a deep crimson
  • Velvet Depraved – A bright violet purple
  • Velvet Vamp – Very dark mauve
  • Velvet Black Heart – Damson (but almost black)

They’re cream based, which is slightly ore forgiving than some liquid formulations. They’re all intensely pigmented and opaque. Of course given that they are long stay and matte, they are a little drying on the lips.
For maximum wear they do need to be applied on dry, oil and liner free lips. Doing this they have lasted upwards of 8 hours on my lips. However if you’re going to eat anything oily you might need to reapply them. These don’t tend to come off on glasses or cups and unlike others they don’t bleed.
If you’re unsure about being able to get a straight edge with the doe foot applicator you can use a lip brush for a perfect shape.

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Now when you first get these you’ll notice one thing, which is Black Heart and Vamp look very similar in the packets. If you apply both of them using the doe foot applicator you’re going to end up with two different shades that look almost identical. However after a little playing you can work it so they do look different. I would highly recommend applying Vamp with a lip brush to make it less dark and have that great berry shade pop more. Black Heart is not a true black at all. It’s a very very very dark purple. In fact on the lips it looks almost black. This means it would be the perfect shade for people looking for a dark lipstick that just find that black is far too harsh for them. To he honest I like this shade more than my other proper black velvet matte lipsticks.

Other than that they’re perfect. So my rating is going to be split. They all get 5 out of 5 for the product itself. However Black Heart does lose a star because I really really wanted it to be a real black and it’s not.


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