Red Alert nails

I had acrylics put on. So lets talk about acrylic nails.

The good thing about acrylic nails is that they can make natural nails that are weak and broken look amazing. Once applied nail varnish rarely chips but tends to wear away. Perfect if you’ve got a favourite shade you want to remain on or some design you’ve spent a long time creating.
Mine are the type of nails that break all the time. They are constantly damaged from the job I do and I wanted and unusual shape.

The problems with acrylics is that they cause more problems than they solve. Nails are often weaker and much more damaged when it’s removed. If used on a long term basis it can cause permanent damage to the nail beds. Another common problem is infection occurring between the false nail and the natural nail.
Not to mention if they’re placed incorrectly the nails can be sore for days after the application of the nails.

So are they worth it? Long term I don’t think so. They look great but there are many great things that can be done these days if you’re looking for longer natural nails. How about you?


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Claire is a Dog Mummy, Makeup Enthusiast and a lover of colour.

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